Berg Oliver Royal Dutch Shell - Houston/Woodcreek Campus Expansion. Ariel view of building and construction site with dirt lots and vehicles surrounding.

Hines Realty was assigned the task of expanding the existing Shell Woodcreek campus within an existing footprint that had various limiting parameters. Shell proposed to increase office space by 720,000 square feet to provide adequate parking options and to incorporate a detention basin to provide required flood control.

Berg Oliver completed a wetland assessment, a USACE Nationwide Permit, and a Conceptual Mitigation Design Plan in order to receive the necessary government approvals. As part of this project, the firm was able to propose and receive approval to construct an “in-line” detention basin within Turkey Creek and mitigate impacts by constructing wetland shelves around the perimeter of the detention pond. This not only demonstrated ability in getting the necessary approvals but also allowed Shell to maximize developable property within the confines of the existing corporate campus.