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Berg Oliver is a full-service environmental science firm, established in 1990, with proven experience devoted entirely to the field of Environmental Consulting Services.  Over the years, the firm has remained focused on understanding the complex federal, state, and local environmental regulations that affect business interests of its clients. This high level of experience provides our clientele with access to a thorough understanding of environmental assessment, compliance, and mitigation.

We focus on providing high-quality, cost-effective, and timely service to satisfy specific client needs.

Berg Oliver professionals include Chemists, Ecologists, Professional Geologists, Registered Environmental Managers, Soil Scientists, Wildlife Biologists, Arborist, and Registered Wetland Delineators, each of whom is attentive to providing reliable customer service with an in-depth knowledge of environmental regulations.

Our Goal

Our firm’s goal is to be a proactive resource for your organization by providing the highest quality of services using practical, resourceful, and innovative solutions to overcome the various challenges the regulatory environment presents, such as compliance with the Clean Water Act, Texas Risk Reduction Rules, National Historic Preservation Act, Endangered Species Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act.

Environmental regulations and policies change frequently, and Berg Oliver is constantly monitoring these regulatory changes, the regulatory agencies they encompass, and the interest groups they affect.  In so doing, we are providing a knowledge base for our staff and clients that enables us to acquire environmental clearance more quickly and efficiently.

Certifications and Qualifications

Berg♦Oliver is a full-service environmental science firm with over 33 years proven experience devoted entirely to the field of Environmental Consulting Services. Berg♦Oliver is registered with the State of Texas as an LPST Corrective Action Specialist (Reg # CS0000018) and belongs to the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (Reg# 50366). The Berg♦Oliver staff includes Registered Environmental Managers (REM), Professional Geoscientist (PG), Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS), Wildlife Biologists, Certified Arborist, and FAA Licensed Remote (Drone) Pilots.  

Our certifications:

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Pre-certifications:

Land Planning/Engineering1.4.1
Major Investment Studies1.6.1
Public Involvement1.8.1
Traffic Noise Analysis2.1.1
Air Quality Analysis2.2.1
Wetland Delineation2.3.1
Conditional/Functional Assessment2.3.2
Nationwide Permit2.4.1
Clean Water Act Sec 404 Permits2.4.2
U.S. Coast Guard & Corps of Engineers Permit2.4.3
Geological Assessment for Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone2.5.1
Impact Evaluation Assessment2.6.2
Biological Evaluations/Assessments2.6.4
Socio-Economic  & Environmental Justice Analysis2.12.1
Hazardous Materials Initial Site Assessment2.13.1
Environmental Document Preparation2.14.1

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Berg Oliver has an unrivaled knowledge of complex federal, state, and local environmental regulations that can impact your project. We strive to provide our clients with cost-effective and timely solutions to these requirements, all while keeping projects on schedule and under budget.