View of dirt path with forrest and trees surrounding and bridge overhead
Under a TxDOT–Environmental Affairs Division (ENV) Statewide Environment Documentation Contract, Berg Oliver completed the environmental services required for approximately 74 off-system bridge replacements throughout the Paris District (Lamar, Fannin, and Grayson Counties). All bridges were located along narrow rural to semi-rural roads over creeks of various sizes. The bridges were all historic-age concrete flat-slab bridges determined by TxDOT to be ineligible for the National Register of Historic Places. As a result, the firm gained Texas Historical Commission (THC) concurrence where needed and required.

Tasks performed by Berg Oliver included wetland delineation and permit determination in accordance with the Clean Water Act, threatened and endangered species survey in accordance with the Endangered Species Act and TPWD-TxDOT MOU, agency coordination (County Historical Commissions and TPWD), and oversight and/or preparation of the PCE and CE documents. These projects, processed under 3 separate overlapping work authorizations, were on a fast-track and required continual management, strong organization skills, and rapid completion of all fieldwork, agency coordination, and document preparation. By maintaining continual communication with the TxDOT Environmental Coordinator, Berg Oliver was able to gain environmental clearance from TxDOT-ENV on all bridges within 5 months.