Ariel photo of Palisade Palms, large buildings surrounded by green fields with view of water

Our client purchased the tract for the purpose of developing a waterfront canal residential subdivision.  Prior to developing the property, it was determined that a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a lease agreement from the Texas General Land Office would be required.  Once developed, the project will provide residential lots that have direct boat access to Redfish Bay.

During the required Individual Permitting process, Berg Oliver conducted: 1) a wetland delineation of the subject tract and off-site mitigation area; 2) a cumulative impact analysis of Live Oak peninsula; 3) a tidal fringe Hydrogeomorphic Model to assess the impact value to wetlands and to develop an on-site and off-site mitigation plan; 4) a seagrass impact study and mitigation plan; 5) development of a living shoreline using rip rap, seagrasses, and wetlands to protect 700’ of shoreline and along the Gulf Coast Intracoastal Waterway; 6) development of an on-site water quality plan to treat stormwater runoff; 7) enhancement of on-site wetlands by controlling noxious species, and 8) the design and planting of an off-site wetland mitigation area adjacent to Port Bay.  The project and mitigation sites have been successfully constructed and are currently being monitored according to the permit conditions.