Bridgeland Project Entrance Sign with green foliage in the foreground

Bridgeland is one of the largest master-planned communities ever proposed in the greater Houston area. It is composed of 11,400 acres that include four residential villages, a 900-acre town center, and over 3,000 acres dedicated to lakes, trails, parks, and open spaces.

Berg Oliver completed all necessary tasks and subsequent approvals with regard to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, including wetland assessment, Delineation of the Waters of the U.S., Texas Historical Commission approval, TCEQ Tier 2 Water Quality Certification, Threatened and Endangered Species Survey, Hydrogeomorphic Model (HGM), and Land Management Planning. The firm also served as liaison to rectify EPA and USACE discrepancies.

Berg Oliver was able to permit over 100 acres of wetland impact within Bridgeland and, in turn, was instrumental in designing a comprehensive wetland mitigation plan that created, enhanced, and preserved 150 acres of wetlands and 25 acres of uplands adjacent to Cypress Creek. Berg Oliver aided in placing a conservation easement on the entire mitigation site, which will be protected in perpetuity through the Katy Prairie Conservancy.