Land Use Consultants

Land Use Consultant for all of Texas including Corpus Christi, Dallas Houston, & Rockport

A land use consultant or environment science firm can help you with planning, impact assessment, ecology and permitting services. Berg Oliver Associates is an environmental science firm in Dallas, Rockport, and Texas. They advise different companies and organization involved in land use projects such as development projects, community projects, construction projects and wetland projects.

Whether you are a commercial developer, a utility company, a local authority or government agency you need to comply with various land, air, and water use regulations and laws. A land use consultant can assist you with many aspects of project planning, impact assessments, certifications, licensing and permitting.

The services include due diligence investigation, wetland delineation, coastal zone coordination, habitat restoration, compensatory mitigation, geological assessments, mitigation banking, hydrogeomorphic modeling and so on.

Solutions to land use issues often require innovative thinking and high-level problem-solving.  A land use expert can help you find sustainable solutions for your projects. For example, an environmental science firm can use their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the environment and related regulation to design and implement mitigation systems.

A land use expert can help with feasibility studies, impact assessments, zoning research, land use entitlements, conditional use permits, preliminary site plans, plan approvals and more. They also arrange and coordinate meetings with key officials and authorities.  They can also assist with community relations and outreach efforts. They can also act as expert witnesses in arbitration or litigation matters.

So, whether you need to build a freeway in Dallas, a plaza or shopping center in Rockport or a marina in Texas, a land use expert can help with planning, assessments, feasibility, regulations, and permits.

A land use expert such as Berg Oliver Associates also has experience in dealing with authorities such as the EPA, the US Coast Guard, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service.