Land Use Consultants in all of Texas including Corpus Christi, Dallas Houston, & Rockport

Land use consultant to help you with feasibility and impact studies

Whether you a large developer or an important service provider chances are good you will need the services of a land use consultant at some time or another. It could be about the effective use of land or could be about environmental impact or could about navigating tricky laws and regulations or it could be a combination. If you need a land use consultant in Dallas, Rockport or Texas then you need to look no further than Berg Oliver Associates.

A land use consultant deals with a variety of land use aspects. These could relate to wetlands and natural resources, to hazardous materials management or to transportation and public works. When it comes to land use there is a myriad of complex local and federal regulations and guideline that need to be adhered to and abided by.

Land use and environmental assessments are often two sides of the same coin. You can’t have the one without the other. Environmental assessment, compliance, and mitigation are integral parts of land use and development. If you have a large project that involves land use, you will want to have a team that understands environment assessments and regulations on your side.

There are many role players when it comes to large land use projects. When it comes to natural resources and wetland projects these role players include the U.S. Coast Guard, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Texas General Land Office, Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and National Marine Fisheries Service.  If your project involves hazardous materials you will need help with compliance audits, spill prevention control, NORM surveys and more.

A land use consultant can help you with site assessments, environmental impact studies, risk assessment, feasibility studies as well as design services such as mapping, CAD, GIS, and GPS.  What it comes down to is when you want a successful project that involves substantial natural resources you will need the help of a professional land use consultant.