How can an Expert Texas Environmental Assessment Consultant Help You?

Texas Environmental Assessment Consultant in Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Rockport, and the Surrounding Area

How can an Environmental Assessment Consultant Help You?

In the last few years, environmental pollution has turned into a critical issue. The food which we eat, the water that we drink, and the air that we breathe has all been threatened via global pollution. If you wish to monitor, compensate and regulate for the environmental pollutants, then hire the services of our specialist. We, Berg Oliver Associates, are a growing consultancy organization offering different forms of services related to the environment. We have an experienced leadership team, dedicated and committed workforce, and excellent laboratory facilities and infrastructure. Every environmental assessment consultant in our company has been hand-picked, which means best services guaranteed. The different areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston and Rockport, Texas.


Our environmental assessment consultants will concentrate on one aspect or work across different specialist areas. The typical activities include:

  • Check the suitability of novel developments such as wind farms, power stations, housing or other big sites, which are likely to impact the environment.
  • Conduct field surveys as well as gather data related to contamination or levels of pollution in an area of consideration or of a site.
  • Interpret data that can comprise of report writing and utilize software-modeling packages.
  • Manage legislative problems for clients and raise awareness about how the legislation will impact a project.
  • Develop conceptual models that will include identification, as well as consideration of the prospective contamination.
  • Communicate with clients, sub-contractors, and regulators such as analytical laboratories.
  • Research previous site investigations to offer information to clients pertaining purchase.
  • Undertake fieldwork for identifying previous activities performed on the site along with any contamination.

If you are ready to hire their services, then give us a call at (281) 589-0898 and speak to our team of experts.