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Addressing Environmental Compliance in Houston, Texas

We are glad that you found your way to our Houston, Texas environmental compliance page. When you work with Berg-Oliver, you are engaging an environmental consultant that has a great deal of experience and expertise. Our company was originally founded back in 1990, and we have been building on our reputation throughout the state of Texas since then. As you might imagine, environmental laws have been altered or changed many times over the last quarter of a century. Plus, there are always technological advances that can be used to address compliance issues when projects are being developed. We have been poised on the cutting edge for all of these years, so we can provide a unique level of insight and guidance.

Houston, TX Environmental Impact Studies

When certain types of building projects are being developed, the potential impact on the environment must be taken into account. The term “environment” is a rather all-encompassing one in this context. It describes the land itself, nearby waterways, the atmosphere, wildlife and other organisms. The environmental impact that the proposed project would have on the social and cultural environment is also part of this equation.

Under provisions contained within the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, an environmental impact statement must be prepared before a project can be approved. The statement describes the full scope of the environmental impact that the project will have if the proposed actions are carried out. Our company has extensive experience with environmental impact studies, and here in Houston, Texas wetland assessments are often going to be part of the process. There are a lot of low lying areas in the Gulf region, and wetlands are very common. The environmental regulations that surround wetlands are complicated as you may imagine. We have the experience and expertise that it takes to provide wetland assessments that lead to the required environmental permitting.

In addition to our expertise in the preparation of environmental assessments, we are also hazardous material management consultants. We help clients understand all aspects of effective hazardous material management, including site investigation services and remediation.

If you are looking for a public works consultant or an environmental consultant for any type of project, we have the resources to provide you with all the help that you need. Our staff is comprised of certified Registered Environmental Managers, biologists, wildlife biologists, Soil Scientists, and Registered Safety Officers. If you are interested in reaching out to us, you can reach one of our Houston, Texas environmental compliance experts at (281) 589-0898.

Berg♦Oliver offers services in the following areas:


  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Damage Assessment
  • Ecological Research
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • FERC Pipeline Assessment
  • GPS Mapping and Analysis
  • Natural Resource Investigation & Permitting
  • Noise Abatement Assessment
  • Remediation & Clean-Up
  • Site Investigation & Inspection
  • Spill Prevention Planning
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Wet 2.0 Analysis for Mitigation Banking


Hazardous Materials Management

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Site Investigation and Characterization
  • Phase III Clean-Up and Remediation
  • Risk Assessment and Feasibility Evaluation



  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Environmental Assessment (EA)
  • Categorical Exclusion (CE)
  • Pipeline Right-of-Way Assessment
  • Constraints Mapping
  • NEPA Compliance Assessment
  • Public Involvement Service
  • Noise Analysis


Wetland and Natural Resources

  • Geologic Assessment
  • Water Pollution Abatement Planning
  • Wetland Due Diligence Investigation
  • Wetland Delineation & Mitigation
  • Coastal Zone Coordination
  • Mitigation & Restoration
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Assessment
  • Archeology & Cultural Resource Assessment
  • Biological and Physiological Assessment
  • Natural Resources Impact Assessment
  • Natural/Biologic/Cultural Resource Master Planning
  • Wetland Mitigation Banking